Annual General Meeting

Dear friends,

It has been a busy, rewarding first year for Children's Sanctuary Namibia Society. We are most grateful for all your loving support over the past year and we invite you to visit our revised website. 

We are pleased to announce the first annual general meeting of the Society. The meeting is scheduled for Friday, September 28 at 11 am. Three key reports will be given at the meeting: a financial report, a report on the Society's activities, and a report from Helge Mercker, our agent on the ground in Namibia. 

An election of officers follows the reports. At present, those standing for office are: Terry Adler (for position of President); Ellen Besso (for position of Vice-President); Betty Owen (for position of Treasurer); Judy Dunbar (for position of Secretary). Helge Mercker and Diane Mawson are each standing for two positions of Members at Large.  

We welcome your attendance at this meeting which will be held at the Garden Guest House, 488 Central Avenue in Gibsons, BC

With deep gratitude and appreciation for all of your support shown.

Warm regards,

Judy Dunbar, Terry Adler, Betty Owen, Ellen Besso, Helge Mercker, Diane Mawson, Mimi Gellman