Building Project on Sanctuary Site

Support for the development and building on the Sanctuary Site continues to be a top priority for CSNS in 2019. We are pleased to report that the bore hole funded by CSNS donations has been dug and is now supplying the much-needed water on the Sanctuary land. CSNS will continue to support the Sanctuary water supply this year by funding water tanks and stands, piping, fittings and faucets to ensure water for the Sanctuary Mother Building, gardens and Soup Kitchen.

We are excited to report that the Main or Mother building has been erected! CSNS will continue to support its completion by providing funds for building supplies such as paint, cement and glass for windows. In the future this building will house two dormitories for orphaned children and house mothers, as well as a kitchen, dining room, meeting room, office, storage room, laundry, showers and toilets. 

In order to ensure security and ongoing development on the land, CSNS will pay for the salaries of a security guard and a gardener/handyman who will live on the property with their families. Food security is also an ongoing issue for the project and CSNS is supporting the purchase of seeds, gardening equipment and fencing for vegetable gardens.


CSN, the Namibian sister organization to CSNS, has been feeding 75+ orphans in Drimiopsis for more than 8 years. Recently the Soup Kitchen has been relocated to the Sanctuary land. In 2019 CSNS will provide the funding for purchase of the food for the soup kitchen where 2 meals per week are provided to the 75 orphaned children. A group of very dedicated women from the Drimiopsis Township voluntarily prepare a meal of lentil soup, mealie meal or rice, all currently cooked and served to the orphans in an outdoor kitchen located on the Sanctuary land. 

Mealtime at Kindergarten

Mealtime at Kindergarten

The food Program for Sanveld Kindergarten

In 2019 CSNS will continue to supply the Sanveld Kindergarten with funds to buy and prepare 2 meals per day, 5 days per week for 55 orphaned and vulnerable children who attend the kindergarten classes. This project funds food supplies such as oatmeal, mealie pap, lentils, bread, peanut butter, as well as wood for a cooking fire, water storage containers and transportation costs for purchasing and delivering the food.

This successful program operates from 8 AM – 1 PM week days and is supervised by a kindergarten teacher and 3 volunteers. CSNS Board Member, Diane Mawson, teaches Kindergarten in North Vancouver, BC and her class is a “buddy class” with the Sanveld Kindergarten.



Future Initiatives

We are very pleased with the progress that has been made to date on the main Sanctuary building and on the land itself, however there is still considerable work to be done before the project is ready to house orphaned children. The Namibian Government has clear guidelines for the placement of orphaned children in “family group homes” or orphanages and CSNS is committed to paying for the training of the two House Mothers when the time to house children draws near. As funds permit, CSNS will be helping to fund the Sanctuary main building’s toilets, showers and laundry area. Considerable funds will need to be raised to bring electricity and sewer to the building and we are hoping to be able to work with CSN on contributing to these costly endeavours.


In 2015 the Namibian government donated 4.5 hectares of land to CSN near the Drimiopsis San Resettlement Township in order to build a sanctuary for the orphaned and vulnerable children of Drimiopsis. This was in response to CSN’s recognition and consequent demonstration to government that orphaned and vulnerable children in Drimiopsis are vulnerable to many forms of abuse and exploitation. When they become of school age, they do not stay in school because of hunger, lack of supervision, absence of support and shelter. With safe housing, a nurturing environment and educational support they can grow to become change agents for their community, rather than victims who repeat the cycle of desperation and hopelessness.