Hippo Rollers for Carrying Water

Hippo Roller a983ec61-d477-400a-b564-aa197d6d7b20.JPG

Generous donations over the past Christmas season made it possible for CSNS to ship an additional 10 hippo rollers to Drimiopsis in March 2019. The shipment was made at the request of CSN. Hippo rollers make the task of collecting water much less strenuous than traditional methods. Each roller holds 5 x more water than a typical bucket and the water is moved by simply rolling it along the ground.

 An initial shipment of 10 hippo rollers was sent to Drimiopsis two years ago and these have been very well used by the Kindergarten staff, by the workers and volunteers on the Sanctuary land, and by several elders. With the drilling of the borehole and installation of the water tanks on the Sanctuary Land, CSN does not anticipate a need for additional hippo rollers in the future. CSNS is deeply grateful to the Hippo Roller Foundation and to the other generous donors who made the purchase of the hippo rollers possible.

CSN relied upon Chief Ita’s guidance to determine the distribution of the hippo rollers. Below are some of the elders who received a hippo roller for their use.