Honesty Box Plant Sale Fundraiser


“This project might look small to you yet it makes a big difference in lives.”  

Theresa Matengu, Childrens’ Sanctuary Namibia Board Member & Teacher  

Judy Dunbar, a board member on the Canadian side of the water, knows the power of a gift of a dollar. Judy took clippings from over 60 plants in her garden and placed them on a street table in front of her home on the West Coast of Canada, offering them for sale to assist with food purchases for the orphan children CSNS helps, on the ground in Namibia. A “thank you” from the Kindergarten children of the settlement of Drimiopsis, Namibia, and information sheets accompanied the plants.  

The sale raised $280 and increased awareness about the work of CSNS in our neighborhood. Judy loved connecting with her neighbours in this way, and plans a larger sale next Spring.

“With all the love you nurture those plants for the sake of others, all I can say is thank you.”   -   Theresa

Pic of Theresa in her garden in Drimiopsis, Namibia

Pic of Theresa in her garden in Drimiopsis, Namibia