House Concert Fundraiser at Jeanne & Al's Home


House Concert Fundraiser for CSNS

The Love embodied by Helge Mercker finds a beautiful expression in the help she provides to orphaned and vulnerable children in Africa, tirelessly working through Children’s Sanctuary Namibia (CSN) to provide food security for the children of the Drimiopsis Resettlement camp in Eastern Namibia.

On April 8th, Al and Jeanne Fike hosted a House Concert Fundraiser for Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society, (CSNS), the newly established Canadian sister organization to CSN), in their beautiful Gibsons home. The concert, featuring soulful music by Jill Shatford and colleagues, was a joyful event attended by 45 people.

The afternoon included a silent auction of items donated by local supporters, and the sale of angel pins lovingly created by Sabine Wink-Tudor, our friend in Germany.

The $2556 raised will be used to feed children in the Kindergarten program and to dig a well to supply the envisioned Sanctuary that will house the children.

If your soul invites you to put your Love into action, please visit our Take Action page for information about how you can contribute.