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New Kindergarten Building


Pastor Jeremiah & Lydia


CSN took on the stewardship of the Sanveld Kindergarten from its earliest stages, helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Drimiopsis. In July, the Kindergarten moved to a much-needed new building, built by the church of Pastor Jeremiah and Lydia Molestane, teachers at the school, on land donated for this purpose. While simple in design, the new building is beautiful with colourful cartoon animal art on its white exterior.

“CSN is joyed by this new development and by the responses of the students, Pastor Jeremiah says. “You should see the smiles on the children’s faces when they heard that they are now going to that place forever. They were so happy!”

CSN continues to provide food and other supplies to support the 44 students in attendance. From January to June of this year four trips were made to the town of Gobabis, 42 kilometres away, to purchase food for the Kindergarten class. The children each receive two nourishing meals per school day, cooked over an open fire by volunteers. 

CSN has applied to the Ministry of Rural Water Supply for permission to begin drilling on the borehole for the sanctuary land and awaits approval to start this project. In the meantime, CSN has begun making bricks to build a security and storage building, to secure the supplies for the bore hole and for future dwellings on the sanctuary land.

A CSN sponsored first building will be built in the coming months and Jeremiah, Chief Ita and Gideon, all CSN representatives, are meeting with the architect to plan the project. Pastor Jeremiah and his team have been working hard producing bricks, for a total of 12,000 bricks now! CSN is very pleased that these projects provide work opportunities in the local community.