Pops for Namibia

When Kindergarten teacher Diane Mawson heard about CSNS and the Sandveld Kindergarten children in Drimiopsis, Namibia, she was instantly drawn to learn more. She felt inspired to reach out to the teachers there, Jeremiah and Lydia Moletsane, to launch a “buddy class” with her Kindergarten class in North Vancouver, BC. As “buddy classes” they would learn about each others’ culture and about one another. Jeremiah and Lydia greeted Diane’s request with great enthusiasm and so began a new, exciting relationship between cross-cultural kindergarten classes.

Diane’s students were very keen to share the words and actions of their alphabet song with their new buddies, so they videotaped their performance and sent it to Namibia. Their new friends were excited to receive a new and different alphabet song.

The Canadian class decided to involve their Grade 7 buddies so they could also learn about Namibia. Inspired by what they were learning, the K-7 buddies decided to hold popsicle sales to raise funds for the Sandveld Kindergarten’s food program. And so “Pops for Namibia” was born!

Mr. Simm’s Grade Sevens assumed a leadership role in the project, helping their younger buddies create posters for the events, present the “Pops for Namibia” project at a school assembly, and sell popsicles at outdoor stations during recess. This successful project raised $1,138.82 for the Sandveld Kindergarten class!!

At a school assembly, two of Diane’s kindergarten students presented a giant cheque to CSNS Board member Judy Dunbar, a former teacher at the school. Judy was thrilled by the efforts of these caring students.

Inspired by her student’s enthusiastic efforts and by their new knowledge, Diane is looking forward to continuing to build the relationship with their Sandveld buddies in the upcoming school year. Language has not presented any barriers, as English is the common language in both locations. The challenges of unreliable wifi connections and different school vacation times are easily overcome by the love bonds being forged between these remarkable students on both sides of the ocean.