Our Christmas Message to You

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Dear Friends,

Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society board members Terry, Ellen, Judy, Betty, Diane and Helge

are happy to announce that CSNS is now a CRA registered charity! 

Donations are tax deductible!

Please consider us as you anticipate the Holidays!

Help us build a Sanctuary

to house and educate San children
and support the food program

at the Sanvelt Kindergarten in Drimiopsis, Namibia 

$1.00 donation feeds 10 kindergarten children 2 meals daily.

Please visit our Projects page for photos and more information

Donations gratefully accepted through Paypal on the Take Action page on our website or by mail to:
Betty Owen, Treasurer

493 Central Avenue, Gibsons, BC, V0N1V1

Happy Holidays!

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Pops for Namibia

Board Members Holding Fundraiser Cheque

From left: Betty Owen, Judy Dunbar, Helge Mercker, Diane Mawson, Terry Adler

On behalf of the Kindergarten class and their Grade 7 Buddies at Canyon Heights Elementary School I would like to thank Helge (from CSN) for her inspiring and informational slide presentation on Oct. 18, 2018.  The slides she showed gave us a close look at the San people and culture that we couldn’t have gained in any other way. With Helge’s prompting the students realized that the profit from the sale of one popsicle, $1.00 CAD, feeds ten Kindergarten students two meals a day in Drimiposis.

We were pleased to present a cheque for six hundred dollars to the CSNS members present, Terry, Judy, Betty and Helge. The money was raised by selling Fruit popsicles in September.  Our students are inspired to share the information about Drimiopsis with the rest of the school and to continue their fundraising efforts for CSNS.


Diane Mawson,

Kindergarten Teacher,

Canyon Heights Elementary School,

North Vancouver, BC

Children at Canyon Heights Presentation

Pops School Kids IMG_1243.JPG

Freedom Through Service - A New Board Member's Perspective

Board Sept 28, 2018 IMG_9062.JPG

The CSNS Board: (From Left) Betty Owen, Treasurer; Ellen Besso, Vice-President; Terry Adler, President; Diane Mawson, Board Member at Large; Judy Dunbar, Secretary; (Front) Helge Mercker, CSNS Agent & CSNS & Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Board Member

Many years ago in Ontario, I was treated by a Naturopath-Chiropractor, a divorced, middle aged man, father of two. This quirky, opinionated man fell in love with a beautiful young woman and together they had a baby, to the amazement of everyone who knew him.  One day Richard told me that he had found freedom through commitment to his new wife and babe, a concept foreign to me at the time.

Yesterday morning I opened Sharon McErlane’s newsletter from The Great Council of Grandmothers, (netoflight.org), entitled What Service Will Do For You. Service is freedom and service brings freedom,” the Grandmothers said. “Loving service is powerful.  “Connecting with others in the light”, they go on to say, our limitations begin to melt and our energy shifts.

Western volunteers we met in India echoed our sentiments, that we all get back much more than we give to the Tibetans we help in Dharamshala. The same goes for our work with displaced Tibetans and Syrian refugees here at home, and now my volunteer work with the newly founded Canadian Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society.

Recently we held our first AGM followed by a General Meeting and were privileged to have Helge, our Namibian Agent, and a member of both the Canadian and Namibian Boards, with us. Though my energy was flagging near the end of an intense day, Helge immediately riveted my attention when she began speaking about her experiences in Drimiopsis, the settlement where the orphaned and at risk San children subsist in neglect and poverty.

I have observed abject poverty on my Indian travels and have become inured to it to a degree, in order to continue visiting that country. However Helge managed to paint a visceral picture of the lives of the children and teachers in the Drimiopsis settlement, one that penetrated my privileged, safe, white Canadian mentality.

Listening to this gentle, spiritual white woman speak lovingly about her work with the children opened my heart and moved me deeply. Helge spoke about how she slowly, over a number of years, encouraged and helped the teachers and other supporters of the San people, re-settled in Drimiopsis, Namibia in 1991, to begin rebuilding their community, starting with food and water security, education for children and employment opportunities for adults.

Helge happily reported that the CSN Board and key community members have made great strides by taking ownership of development efforts by starting the brick building project that to date has produced 12,000 bricks, working with a volunteer architect to design the first Sanctuary building and hiring a security guard to safeguard the supplies needed for both the building and the protective fencing for the site.

I am proud to have the opportunity to offer my service and skills to this community as a member of our dedicated CSNS team.

Love & Light


Annual General Meeting

CSNS President’s Report

Annual General Meeting September 28, 2018

Welcome to Children’s Sanctuary Namibia Society’s first AGM!

Much has been accomplished by our six person board since our first planning meeting on September 4th of 2017. We incorporated as a society, prepared the CRA, (Canada Revenue Agency), application with the able assistance of lawyer Mary Childs, hired an accountant, prioritized our first year objectives, drafted a proposed budget, created a website, were gifted with a logo designed by a professional artist, (Professor Mimi Gellman of Emily Carr University), and with the generous assistance of Jeanne and Al Fike, the efforts of Canyon Heights Primary School teachers, and support from our friendship networks, we exceeded our first year fundraising goals!

 We have been inspired by the tremendous support of friends and community members who, in spite of CSNS not yet being a registered charity, generously donated time, talent, goods, services and money. Our fund raising initiatives included a House Concert at the Fike’s home in Gibsons featuring the talented Jill Shatford and fellow musicians, a workshop at the First United Spiritualist Church in Burnaby, BC, a plant sale by one of our board members that ignited interest in CSNS throughout her neighbourhood, a High Tea in honour of a board member’s birthday (again, featuring the multi-talented Jill Shatford, this time as a performance artist). Yet another board member initiated the “Pops for Namibia” campaign in Canyon Heights Primary School, selling popsicles while raising awareness of the Kindergarten program in Namibia. As well, monthly donations continue to increase on our on-line donation vehicle, Pay Pal, accessible through our website, www.childrenssanctuarynamibiasociety.com

Helge Mercker, our inspiration and agent in Namibia, with active participation from her Childrens Sanctuary Namibia board members, ensured the success of our first project, the Sanveld Kindergarten Food Program, providing two meals daily, five days a week, for 44 children of the San community of Drimiopsis.

We are expecting imminent approval from CRA of our application for charitable status.

Gratefully, we enter our second year with the expectation of becoming a registered Canadian Charity, opening yet more doors and hearts, and transforming the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children in Drimiopsis, Namibia!


With love and appreciation,

Terry Adler

News from Namibia - Your Donations in Action

New Kindergarten Building


Pastor Jeremiah & Lydia


CSN took on the stewardship of the Sanveld Kindergarten from its earliest stages, helping orphaned and vulnerable children in Drimiopsis. In July, the Kindergarten moved to a much-needed new building, built by the church of Pastor Jeremiah and Lydia Molestane, teachers at the school, on land donated for this purpose. While simple in design, the new building is beautiful with colourful cartoon animal art on its white exterior.

“CSN is joyed by this new development and by the responses of the students, Pastor Jeremiah says. “You should see the smiles on the children’s faces when they heard that they are now going to that place forever. They were so happy!”

CSN continues to provide food and other supplies to support the 44 students in attendance. From January to June of this year four trips were made to the town of Gobabis, 42 kilometres away, to purchase food for the Kindergarten class. The children each receive two nourishing meals per school day, cooked over an open fire by volunteers. 

CSN has applied to the Ministry of Rural Water Supply for permission to begin drilling on the borehole for the sanctuary land and awaits approval to start this project. In the meantime, CSN has begun making bricks to build a security and storage building, to secure the supplies for the bore hole and for future dwellings on the sanctuary land.

A CSN sponsored first building will be built in the coming months and Jeremiah, Chief Ita and Gideon, all CSN representatives, are meeting with the architect to plan the project. Pastor Jeremiah and his team have been working hard producing bricks, for a total of 12,000 bricks now! CSN is very pleased that these projects provide work opportunities in the local community.